Estate Planning

Estate Planning

We understand that the prospect of developing an estate plan (i.e. Will, Medical Directive, Power of Attorney) may create feelings of discomfort. However, devising an estate plan should promote feelings of security and is a critical component of the overall planning process. Having a fully constructed estate plan means that your heirs will be provided for and your distribution wishes will be met. If you have delayed this task or are in need of reviewing documents drafted years ago, let DSF Wealth assist you in constructing a solid plan.

In addition to the attorneys in our Financial Planning Department, DSF Wealth partners with Estate Planning attorneys in several states. These attorneys are familiar with state law and, with our guidance and involvement through the process, are able to design the appropriate Will to meet your family’s future financial needs and minimize tax consequences. Careful estate planning is the best way to identify how your assets will be divided, who is to be named executor, who will make decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated and who will receive benefits according to your wishes.